Dedicated faculty and staff are the number one asset of TAIS. Being a boarding school, TAIS faculty and staff are called on to give their weekend and evening times to help students in a variety of ways. Fun weekend activities would not be possible without a huge amount of hard work from members of the team. Teachers are call on to prepare food and entertain students in their homes. This results in close bonds between students and teachers and a family-like atmosphere at Taiwan Adventist International School. These bonds make classroom instruction much more effective because teachers have connections with students and students realize they are there for each and every student.      


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Faculty and Staff Directory

Jeremy Everhart


Megan Elmendorf Hopson


Daniel Hopson

Career Counselor

Jaymeson Mallory


Vivienne Lee

ELL Writing and Composition

Grace Lee

Social Studies

TK Bol

Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Bonnie Bol

English Literature

David Kinsella

ELL Writing and English Literature

Charles “Chad” Dungan

Junior High Language Arts and Social Studies

Yaroslav Ovdiyenko

Math, Computers

Jocelyn Koh

Junior High Math and Science

Michael Brannaka

Finance, Social Studies

Calleb Nyamisoa

ELL Communications

Camro Laguardia

Photography, Design, Video Production

Lourdes Laguardia

English Literature

Ryan Wang

Physical Education

Joanne Lee

Art and Design

Yuli Jo


Lucian Feng

Student Affairs

Michelle Huang

Office Coordinator

Joy Huang

Customer Relations

Daphne Tsai


Summer Everhart

Government Relations

Grace Bao

Girls’ Dean

Randy Ma

Boys’ Dean

Dora Sun

Customer Relations

Karl Liu